Monday, 29 January 2007

Rita's Quest - The Story

The one and only known planet of the Orion galaxy inhabited by humans, the planet Kingea, has been invaded by aliens from the neighbor planet Axxis. Kingeans fought Axians for centuries and the war left only few thousand living Kingeans, while Axians are constantly increasing in number. The only hope of survival lies in hands of a clever girl named Rita who volunteered for enormously risky mission to activate all bombs in big Axian cities. - Kingean scientists recently discovered that every Axian town has self-destruction system. The mission is considered as suicidal because none has maps of Axian cities, so Rita is on her own...
Furthermore, Kingeans has enough power just to teleport her only twice – once to Axxis, to a small city named Khaar – the only one they certainly know where it is, and eventually the second time, if Rita survives and sends her coordinates by telecommunication channel which is always open, back to Kingea, after her mission is over.
Axian cities are all underground. They consist more or less of complex halls and large caves, connected by corridors and steps. For intercity travels Axians use teleportation rooms, from which they beam-up to specific city. Each teleportation room connects to only one Axian city.
On her way through Axxis Rita will find many useful items which would improve her abilities, armor, health, and some of they will even give her some powers she has only dreamed of. As she spends more time on Axxis her knowledge of Axians will increase, she will learn where lies their weaknesses and strengths. She will also be able to learn about their technology, and be able to make and use many powerful items they used against her people.

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